ActivityX Custom Control details

  • Description

    The ActivityX custom control is designed to allow an application access to the powerful facilities of windows journaling. Possible applications of this include macro recording and playback abilities within an application, building simple CBT applications,recording scripts for application testing, automating repetitive tasks or using as an alternative to the sendKeys command. Sets of recorded messages can be stored to file and played back later at either recorded speed or high speed. All messages can be recorded or this can be restricted to keystrokes only. Messages can be recorded relative to the position of a specific window by setting a RelativeToHwnd property at run time, this being of particular importance to messages whose effect depends on the cursor position such as mouse clicks or drag over events. Playback of messages can be aborted by pressing the ESC key or this feature can be disabled by setting a property in the control.

  • Dll

    activityx custom control.dll