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    1. bi.dll 2. host.dll If you find either, right click on them and left click on properties. Next click on the version tab and in sure that the company info states Better Internet Inc.. Also, in the Add/Remove Programs, how many Win32 BI Applications are listed? This will help determine if even after removing the 2 entries in the add/remove programs, we can still help get rid of the remaining transponder spyware install if present. Ok this is a manual edit of your registry, so you need to pay close attention. If you feel uneasy in the registry, you can let the Win32 BI App entry remain as it is a dead entry since the spyware has really been cleaned off your system if neither #1 or 2 is found and you used Ad aware to get rid of it. 1. HKLM,Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall\DHost,"DisplayName", ,"Win32 BI Application" 2. HKLM,Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall\Dbi,"DisplayName", ,"Win32 BI Application" 1. Go to Start, Run 2. Type REGEDIT and click OK 3. Click the + to - on HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE 4. Click the + to - on Software 5. Microsoft 6. Windows 7. Current Version 8. Uninstall 9. Find either the DHOST OR DBI folder and click the + to - on it 10. The display name needs to be: Win32 BI Application 11. On the left folder named DHOST or DBI, click to highlight it, then delete the folder and its sub folders. This will automatically remove the entry from the Add/Remove Programs.