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    "In the process of delivering an advertisement, promotion or email message, the 24/7 Real Media Open AdStream CENTRAL ad server, automatically recognizes certain non-personally identifiable information that is linked to a particular browser, such as the type of Internet browser an online user is using, the type of computer operating system being used, and the domain name of the Web site. Other Non-PII information collected by 24/7 Real Media's customer may be information related to pages visited within a given Web site, location of the ISP point of presence, date and time of visit, customer assigned keywords or the number of click-throughs on an advertisement. Non-PII is collected by the 24/7 Real Media Open AdStream CENTRAL service and associated with a persistent cookie set in the customer's domain. 24/7 Real Media's customer has the exclusive ownership of the persistent cookie and the Non-PII information associated with it."