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    From the doc: '00[Sub]7 - The Ultimate SubSeven Logging Tool. Fake Subseven on port 27374 (standard port),Compatible with Subseven Bonus and all versions before (and Win95/98)*, like windows- Toolbar which auto hides to the top, Looks (graphical) the same as Subseven itself, Checks every 30 seconds if you have made a TCP/IP connection, if you did it starts listening, You will see exactly what the client does/asks for (every button click will be shown to you and 00[Sub]7 will auto-send the right answer to the client, so it suspects nothing, Fake a Filesystem, so the client thinks he rules over your hard-disk files! Chat to the client, without their request!!! (Client to Client) When the client wants to chat with the Victim (you), a Chat-Screen pops up and your ready for a nice chat! You can close it at all times [hehehehe...] Same as above with the Client-2-Client chat! Send a hackers warning containing clients IP, current port, and that he's logged, Dissconnect the client whenever you want, Send really big strings (letters and numbers) to client, to (try) nuke his Internet connection...'

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